Plant Therapy Metro Stone Diffuser - Gray

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Add a stylish touch to any room with Plant Therapy's Metro Stone Diffuser. The Metro is easy-to-use and gently diffuses essential oils into the air by ultrasonic technology. Featuring soft, ambient lighting and multiple timer settings, this attractive diffuser lets you completely customize your essential oil experience. It uses no heat or chemicals, helping maintain the natural profile and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The Metro provides up to 8 hours of continuous diffusion time, can cover an area of up to 322 square feet is comprised of cement, polypropylene, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and measures approximately 3.5" wide and 5.5" high.

Basic Operations:
*Remove the top cover.
*Remove the power cord from the base unit.
*Add water into the Water Reservoir until it reaches the maximum water level indicator.
*Add the recommended number of drops for your essential oil
*Replace the top cover.
*Connect the unit to a power source by plugging it in.
*Press the Power Mist/Light Button on the diffuser to start the device.
*The functions can be set by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Mist Button Operation:
*Press the mist button once to turn on the device for continuous operation. Mist emits until it runs out of water.
*Press twice to diffuse for 2 hours before turning off automatically.
*Press three times to diffuse for 15 seconds on/30 seconds off intervals until it runs out of water.
*Press four times to diffuse for 15 minutes on/30 minutes off intervals until it runs out of water.
*Press five times to diffuse for 30 minutes on/30 minutes off intervals until it runs out of water. *Press six times to shut off.

Light Button Operation:
*Press the button once to turn on.
*Press twice to din the light to 50%.
*Press three times to turn the light off.

How to Clean:
Before cleaning, turn the unit off and unplug the power cord from the base and the wall. Use a clean cloth and a combination of water and distilled white vinegar to wipe down the reservoir. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a cloth. It is recommended to clean your diffuser twice a week when used regularly.
Founded in 2011, the Plant Therapy mission is to bring natural living options at an affordable price. Their people-first promise keeps our customers, employees, and community at the heart of everything they do. We've grown to be a trusted place to shop essential oils, body care, hair care, skin care and household products. Each batch of essential oils is carefully evaluated through independent third-party GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing to verify botanical species and ensure purity. Every product they offer stems from their pledge to the environment. Their plant-based home and beauty items prioritize natural and renewable resources, emphasizing sustainable and ethical sourcing. By doing so, they not only craft superior products but also significantly diminish their environmental footprint, ensuring a harmonious relationship with the planet. By utilizing the magic of botanicals, each of their offerings is formulated with natural ingredients that cherish the skin. The essence of plant-based components tends to be incredibly gentle, making their range suitable for all skin types and minimizing potential irritations or allergic flare-ups. Step into the realm of unparalleled natural beauty with their nutrient-infused line. Each product is a treasure chest of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These vital elements cater to the skin's every need, ensuring it remains healthy and hydrated, and exudes a natural luminosity. Their dedication to wellness and purity is unwavering. Steering clear from harmful chemicals and toxins that often lurk in mainstream products, their plant-based range promises purity in every drop. Trust in Plant Therapy to deliver only what's best for you and the environment. By merging the wisdom of nature with cutting-edge research, Plant Therapy offers a range that doesn't just cater to beauty and household needs but also prioritizes the well-being of our shared home: Earth. Come experience this unique blend of quality, care, and commitment with every product you choose.
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