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Our clinics are dedicated healing spaces. As such, they need safeguarding against 3 new workplace threats that have not yet registered on practitioners' psyches. Some issues, like that of Moxa Smoke inhalation, have evoked 'the niggling doubt' for many years. Despite conflicting opinions, our enduring affection for this ancient therapy has prevented a definitive conclusion. This is extraordinary when you consider the 70 years of credible research on the disastrous effects of Tobacco Smoke, and, indeed, of any Smoke inhalation! EMF Radiation exposure, on the other hand, is a modern workplace threat that represents a combined health and insurance catastrophe! All the industry regulators of the world have failed to protect the public from 'Wi-Fi Injury' associated with the devices surrounding us. Practitioners are well-advised to follow the lead of the Insurers, by setting their own NON-THERMAL limits! MIT, the acronym for Methyl-Iso-Thiazolinone, is a chemical that is highly Allergenic to the Lungs and Skin. It's added as a water preservative ? in high concentrations ? to many common usage clinic products such as Paint, Hand-Wash, and Sanitiser. It lacks proper labelling and appropriate warnings. Medical screening tests are inadequate and public education is non-existent. TCM practitioners deserve to know about these highly relevant workplace health issues, so they can follow the 'precautionary principle' to safeguard their clinic environments in a rapidly changing world.

Safeguard Your Clinic Workspace Series 1

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About Sue Nelson

Sue Nelson B.A, B.TCM has been a passionate researcher in a range of eclectic healing therapies since her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training in the 1980s. Describing herself as a ‘country girl’, Sue has been in continuous clinical practice in the Noosa hinterland for the best part of 3 decades. Teaching accomplishments include the delivery of several TCM subjects at 2 prominent Brisbane Acupuncture colleges in the mid-1990s. Sue was the foundation lecturer for the first intake of Acupuncture students at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS) in 1995. Her compilation of curriculum lesson plans for the year 1 and 2 TCM subjects formed the foundation for all subsequent lecture material at the college. Sue’s clinic style remains a mix of traditional and musculo-skeletal approaches incorporating Acupuncture, Infrared heat therapy, Chinese Massage and Chinese Herbal formula prescribing. She also offers cell detoxification protocols based on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis charts and other cross-pollinating disciplines. Sue’s other passion is writing, both fiction and non-fiction. She is looking forward to completing her book on Thyroid function, written from an holistic viewpoint incorporating historical, western medicine, chinese medicine and naturopathic perspectives, with surprising conclusions. Being a teacher with the Net of Knowledge team represents a wonderful opportunity to share practical and innovative insights with a worldwide audience of like-minded practitioners.

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