Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine

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Dennis Willmont
Formerly titled "Natural Healing with Essential Oils", Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive approach to the field of Aromatherapy. It goes beyond the simple correlation between essential oils and symptoms in order to present a new and integrated system of healing on the Body/Mind/Spirit level. Part I details the theoretical foundations of this system including 1) the Energetics of Essential Oil Chemistry; 2) the Functional Categories of Disease (based on new interpretations of the Classical Chinese); 3) the Five Phases (the system that makes Body, Mind, Spirit healing understandable); 4) the Seven Levels of Judgment and the Seven Chakras; and 5) the Twelve Spirit Points of Acupuncture. Part II discusses 90 Single Oils, 44 Synergies, and 11 Carrier Oils in depth. The discussion on Single Oils covers the Functional Meaning of the Oil's Chemical Contents, the Energetic Properties, the Functions and Uses of the Oils according to the Functional Categories, the Five Phase Associations, the Chakra Associations, Combinations with Other Essential Oils, Blends, and Precautions. The Single Oils section highlights the "Signature" of each individual oil in relation to its historical and mythical context, so the reader has a fuller understanding of the place each oil has in the larger realm of Natural Healing. Part III discusses essential oils in the context of health and disease according to the integrated perspective of Natural Healing. The text contains over 215 charts, graphs, and figures as well as 60 illustrations of the plants used. In addition there is a 30 page index that makes this revolutionary work convenient for both study and reference. It is suitable for both the interested layperson and the dedicated professional. Hardbound, 8.5" x 11", 455 pages.