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5 Channel Electro-Acupuncture Device

The AXUS ES-5 is an electro-acupuncture device with five channels featuring a professional, modern design and providing multiple functions and features that are essential in daily acupuncture practice.

The AXUS ES-5 separates four channels into groups of two for adjusting frequency and pulse width. The fifth channel is reserved for a push-button, handheld probe, which incorporates an effective stimulation feature.

The unit has LCD displays showing the precise frequency of the two groups as well as the output of the handheld probe, which shows the resistance of the skin during delivery and the precise frequency during direct stimulation.

The device may be operated in three different modes (Continuous, Modulate, and Burst) and has a High/Low voltage switch for the output selection. It is equipped with a timer that has selections for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and continuous.

Accessories include APD/STI Probe with small and large interchangeable tips and grounding pole to provide immediate stimulation, 4 connecting cables, and micro-alligator clip adaptors.

• Five outputs (including one output reserved exclusively for the use of the probe for area of preferred delivery or immediate stimulation)

• Frequency and Pulse Width are adjustable & separated into two groups, Group 1 for Ch. 1 & 2 and Group 2 for Ch. 3 & 4

• Three LCDs (each display measures 15X30mm) for showing precise frequency of each channel group and sensitivity during detection and frequency during direct stimulation by the probe

• Three different Waveform Modes: Cont (continuous), Modulate, and Burst

• High & low output levels for selection

• Adjustable timer with auto-shut off: 15 minute, 30 minute, or continuous settings

Optional accessories sold separately:
AXUS ES-5 Lead Wire
Micro Alligator Pin Conversion Wire
EZ-Grip Converter
Alligator-Pin Conversion Wire

Warranty: 1 year, unit only

Download the instruction manual for the AXUS ES-5.
Specifications Normal Output channels at 500 ohm test load 500 ohm test load
Output Voltage: Low: 1-10 V High: 0-22.5 V 0-40 V
Output Current: Low: 0-20 mA (milliamp) High: 0-45 mA 0-80 mA
Pulse width: X1: 50-500 μS (adjustable) X5:10-100 μS (adjustable) 260 μS (fixed)
Pulse rate: X1: 1-100 μS (adjustable) X5:5-500 μS (adjustable) 10 Hz (fixed)

Output Channels: Five Channels (Four Normal Output Channels, One APD/STI Channel)

• LED illuminates in “STI” mode
• LED flashes when the “STI” button is pressed.

Waveform: Asymmetric Rectangular Pulsed Biphasic

Pulse Width:
• Adjustable from 50 -500μS in X1 position
• Adjustable from 10 -100μS in X5 position

Pulse Rate:
• Adjustable from 1-100Hz in X1 position
• Adjustable from 5-500Hz in X5 position

• Continuous - Pulse rate and width are adjustable from 1-100Hz, & 50-500μS at X1 position, and from 5-500Hz & 10-100μS at X5 position.
• Modulate - Preset Pulse Rate and width ramp up and down for 6 seconds per one cycle; both pulse rate & width are adjustable.
• Burst - Preset Pulse Rate and width 3 seconds; < OFF> 3 seconds; both pulse rate & width are adjustable.

Timer: 15 min, 30 min, Continuous

Display: 3 LCD displays, each measures 15x30mm

Low Battery Lamp: LED illuminates yellow when voltage drops to or below 7V

Power supply: 6 Size C Batteries (LR14)

Error LED: Red LED illuminates & music sounds when the device has been turned ON without resetting all channels to zero output. The device resumes operation after resetting all channels to the zero position

Weight: 726g (main unit only)

Size: 255 x 175 x 75mm (main unit only)

• 1 Hand Held APD/STI Probe
• 4 Connecting Cables (assorted colors)
• 4 Pin Lead to Micro-Alligator Clip Adaptor
• 2 Interchangeable Tips for Probe (1 small and 1 large)
• 1 Instruction Manual
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