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Both you and your patients will benefit from the insights and clarifications in this lecture series. Hacking Chinese Medicine, a book that demystifies and renders logical the confusion and conflicts currently inherent in the study of Chinese medicine, is one of Janice Walton-Hadlock's most popular books. You will be transported around the world, to Vietnam, Singapore, and India, and of course, China, as she shares cozy insights from doctors around the world. You will be introduced to a much more logical and gratifying understanding of Chinese medicine than you probably received in your English language courses. You will hear about her own clinical mistakes and experiences and even her discoveries from relentless digging into the Nei Jing. You can understand what it is you are actually doing when you diagnose and treat using Chinese medicine. You can learn what the code words of Chinese diagnostics actually mean – and it's usually not what you think. You will learn why some of your treatments work, and why so many of them do not. As one lecture attendee exclaimed, "Thank you! I always knew there had to be a logic, a science, to this medicine!
What People Are Saying

I found it informative, enjoyable, and readily applicable to my work life.

Sarah S.- United States

Great speaker! I love her enthusiasm and excellent knowledge and ability to explain the subject.

Rita W.- Canada

I so enjoy Ms Hadlock's method of teaching through lots of stories and examples.

Janet S.- United States

Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock is a passionate teacher and a pleasure to learn from. Her teaching opens us to another level of knowledge in oriental medicine that brings a new potential to one's practice.

Christine O.- Canada

Excellent course and book. I love Dr. Janice's writing style, as if she were explaining these concepts in person in simple language.

Sandy A.- Canada

Janice is an amazingly engaging entertaining presenter. She makes it easy to follow along with her and start think outside of the box of standard TCM teachings. I'm looking forward to watching more lectures in this series and to reading her books.

Andreas L.- Australia

Hacking Chinese Medicine

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About Janice Walton-Hadlock

Dr. Janice (“J.J.”) Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, LAc. is a professor at Five Branches University, in Santa Cruz, California, where she teaches Advanced Channel Theory, Yin Tui Na, Psychology and Counseling, and clinical instruction and supervision. She is the founder of the Parkinson's Recovery Project, a non-profit devoted to dissemination of information about treating Parkinson’s disease using theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (www.pdrecovery.org). Her books include Tracking the Dragon, an acupuncture text on advanced channel theory which includes lessons in how to detect, by hand, Channel Qi; Medications of Parkinson’s disease: Once Upon a Pill; and Recovery from Parkinson’s. She’s had articles about her Parkinson’s disease research published in major English language journals of Chinese medicine including the Journal of Chinese Medicine and The American Journal of Acupuncture, and her “commentary” on Parkinson’s medications research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. She lectures internationally and maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California, but beats a retreat to the Vancouver, BC, area as often as possible.

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